Program Objectives:
Graduates of this course will be able to provide quality care to patients who are receiving dialysis treatment. The student will have knowledge of Medical Terminology, CPR/AED/First Aide, Safety and Principles of Dialysis, requirements of Extern, and Certification Exam. Upon ability to demonstrate competency in the skills and complete the externship the student will qualify to take the CCHT Certification Exam to become a Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician and qualify to find entry-level positions in dialysis centers and hospitals


The student must complete
• All courses are taught in sequence and each student must successfully complete each course with at least a 70% to advance to the next course and complete the program. 
• 64 hours of clinicals in a dialysis center or hospital.

• Medical Terminology for the Dialysis Technician
• Introduction to Dialysis
• Scientific Principles of Dialysis
• Dialysis Procedures
• Career Development
• Dialysis Externship


Total Cost of the Program: $2,700.00

Tuition: $2,400.00

Books & Supplies: $200.00

Application Fee: $100.00

Cost of Books/Supplies and Application Fee are due upon enrollment. Payment plans are available for the tuition amount. 

Schedule: Wednesdays & Thursdays


Day Class: 8:30am - 3:30pm for 10 weeks of campus instruction followed by 64 hours of externship

Night Class: 5:00pm - 9:00pm for 15 weeks of campus instruction followed by 64 hours of externship


(Currently only running a day class schedule)