Program Objectives:
This program will introduce the student to basic nursing skills and clinical skills which include, but are not limited to communication, resident rights, infection control, body mechanics, and assisting residents with daily care. The student will gain experience in the clinical roles of a nursing assistant at a Long-Term Care Facility. The student will meet all requirements to pass the Georgia State Competency Exam and be able to function as a Certified Nursing Assistant upon completion of the State Competency Exam.

The student must complete
• All courses are taught in sequence and each student must successfully complete each course with at least a 70% to advance to the next course.
• Achieve 100% in lab participation
• 24 hours of clinicals in a Long-Term Care Facility.


• The Nursing Assistant in Long Term Care/Foundations of Long-Term Care
• Understanding Residents/Body Systems & Related Conditions
• Confusion Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease/Personal Care Skills
• Basic Nursing Skills/Nutrition & Hydration
• Rehabilitation &Restorative Care/Caring for Yourself
• Clinical Rotation

Total Cost of the Program: $1,000.00

Tuition: $600.00

Books & Supplies: $300.00

Application Fee: $100.00


Cost of Books/Supplies and Application Fee are due upon enrollment. Payment plans are available for the tuition amount. 

Day Class Schedule: Wednesdays and Thursdays 
8:30am - 3:30pm for 8 Weeks 
Night Class Schedule: Wednesdays and Thursdays

5:00pm - 9:00pm for 12 Weeks